Digital Convergence

Digital Convergence Cover

Digital Convergence is being used all around us as most technology uses another to operate. Digital convergence in computer games is widely used. You can purchase a Three kids playing gamesspecial type of figurine, and your game scans this action figure so you can play as that character within the game. The majority of action movies that come out are now converted into video games, for example many of the popular Marvel characters have had films and games made about them. Gaming platforms are not just made for games any more. They are Blu-ray players, can connect to the internet, can store and play your music, and can also control your television with voice controls. Televisions are not only used for the sole purpose of watching a television show, they are used for music or to play computer games, or to surf the internet. Apple TV or Chromecast are other ways to have digital convergence, they can be used to converge your computer, laptop or mobile phone to your television.

Mobile phones are not only used to talk to another Digital Convergenceperson. Mobiles are used as a personal computer. They are used for social media, making or watching videos, playing games, and so much more. You can do all your banking on your phone. You can video call another person and have a face to face conversation. Phones can also search online and be used to purchase products.

Smart Boards, laptops and IPads are now being used in most schools around Australia. They converge a number of different resources into one. Smart Boards can be used for photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, games and videos. Smart Boards allow students to learn using three senses – seeing, hearing and touching (Governorsolutions, 2014). They allow the teacher to connect a laptop or tablet to project relevant information, as well as many different programs and features which are constantly being updated.


Digital Convergence picture. Retrieved from

Digital Convergence picture. Retrieved from

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